Wrong 'Em, Boyo

by Ray Banks

A 10,000-word short story collection by one of Scotland’s finest crime writers.

  • Wrong ‘Em, Boyo -  Shuggie, a low-level Edinburgh thug, is charged with collecting the balls of an Irish rival as revenge for a robbery.
  • Money Shot – An unstable movie obsessive journeys into Newcastle’s heart of darkness to avenge his wife’s death.
  • The Ballad Of Davey Robson -  Davey Robson, former armed robber turned low-profile derelict, finds himself the target of revenge for a crime committed years earlier, back when the Newcastle quayside was nothing but a building site.
  • Run, Rabbit, Run -  Now Terry Davies has found the addict burglar whose crime turned his wife into a nervous wreck, will the victim become a criminal?

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