by Douglas Lindsay

As Barney Thomson is closing up his barbershop for the night, an old man enters looking for a Cary Grant cut and a bit of a chat. The following day, Barney discovers that last night’s customer appears to have been the captain of a fishing trawler found mysteriously abandoned on the Clyde over a hundred years ago.

In a sinister echo of the past, a trawler is discovered drifting in a flat calm just off the island of Cumbrae, where Barney lives and works. Of the three trawlermen known to have been on board the Bitter Wind, one is found dead on the vessel. The other two are missing.

As the ghosts mount up for Barney, could it just be that he is in an episode of Scooby Doo, featuring a lot of villains in masks? Or is it a real, dark and menacing evil which haunts his sleepy seaside town?

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