The Final Cut by Douglas Lindsay

by Douglas Lindsay

Searching for answers to his tortured, murder-filled existence, Barney Thomson is drawn to take a job in London, as personal barber to Thomas Bethlehem, the head of an upcoming and trendy marketing agency.

Such is Barney’s fate that, just as he arrives in the capital, a serial killer begins to run amok among the young, go-getting executives of Bethlehem’s company.

Suddenly, but entirely predictably, Barney once again finds himself in the middle of a multiple murder investigation. As Satan returns to haunt Barney and to steer him down his final, inevitable path, could it be that Bethlehem’s latest client – a wise-cracking New Englander with an easy smile and a handy ability with a thunderbolt – is the man to provide the deliverance that has eluded Barney Thomson for so long?

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