Sometimes She'll Dance

by Brian Pendreigh

Three short stories by the author of The Man In The Seventh Row.

  • Sometimes She’ll Dance – Sam Murdoch was Scotland’s greatest writer. But he turned his back on fame and fortune, turned his back on the world and the woman he loved. Many years later a young woman sets off on a journey to the Scottish Highlands to ask him why. It is a personal quest and a journey that will change her life forever.
  • Soul Music – David gets a new pair of cowboy boots from his friend Johnny. Sam Cooke plays in his head. He is happy now. Maybe for the first time in his life.
  • Hommage – A grandfather watches the youngsters play and remembers his youth in Africa with his friend, the old French sea captain. Captain Boulle is long gone. But is everything as it seems? And in the end, when all the memories are over, what will he have for tea?

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