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All The Young Warriors

Once A Warrior

by Anthony Neil Smith

Once A Warrior is the highly anticipated follow-up to the award-winning All The Young Warriors.

It’s been three years since Mustafa Bahdoon, one-time leader of the Southside Killaz, saved his fugitive son Adem from the clutches of pirates in Somalia. But when Mustafa is asked to rescue a young girl from the gang’s sex trafficking empire, he returns from retirement to seize control once again. This time around, his authority does not go unchallenged, and a vicious gang war erupts on the streets of Minneapolis.

Meanwhile Adem is haunted by guilt over Sufia, the girl he left behind in Somalia, scarred for life with battery acid because of their relationship. He returns to the Middle East to find her and reprises the role of Mr Mohammed, legendary pirate negotiator, to get information. But the CIA is on his tail and Adem soon finds himself unwillingly enmeshed in a deadly campaign against organised crime.

Half a world apart, survival for both father and son depends upon telling friend from enemy, truth from lie, and their own true selves from the roles they must play.

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All The Young Warriors

All The Young WarriorsWhen two of the Twin Cities’ “Lost Boys” — young Somali men drafted to fight for terrorists back in the homeland — kill a pair of cops on his home turf, detective Ray Bleeker is left devastated. One of the dead cops was his girlfriend.

The investigation grinds to a halt when he discovers that the young murderers have fled to Somalia to fight in the rebel army. He’s at his wits’ end until the father of one of the boys, an ex-gang leader called Mustafa, comes looking for answers. Bleeker and Mustafa form an uneasy alliance, teaming up to help bring the boys back home.

But little do they know what Somalia has in store for them.

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