Breaking Point by Gerard Brennan

by Gerard Brennan

Brian Morgan’s relationship with his weed dealer has moved on to the next level.

Stony Tony is a kung fu enthusiast with ambitions to become a master in his own style. But first he needs to establish a loyal following of students.

Brian could use some time away from Rachel O’Hare to figure out whether he loves her or is afraid to leave her, although it’s hard to focus on anything after a few tokes of Tony’s Blueberry Cheesecake.

Rachel is as indecisive about their relationship as Brian, but she knows that no good can come of a strange little pot-head getting involved in their lives.

Meanwhile, a goon with a bad ear a big grudge also has eyes for Brian…

Breaking Point (book two in The Point series) is a 23,000-word novella by the author of Wee Rockets, Wee Danny and Fireproof.

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by Douglas Lindsay

Detective Sergeant Thomas Hutton is back, in a stark and brutal portrayal of a police officer on the edge, and a killer in control.

The Plague Of Crows plants his victims in a forest clearing, bound to chairs embedded in the ground. The lucky ones die quickly, the tops of their skulls missing, birds feeding on the flesh inside.

DS Hutton lives on the side of a Scottish mountain, only coming down for weekly psychiatric sessions in town. But this new serial killer forces Hutton to end his sick leave and return to duty in Glasgow.

As the months pass and the police remain clueless in the face of the horrors perpetrated by the most inhuman serial killer of his time, Hutton finds himself haunted by his past and plummeting further and further into a desperate world of sex, alcohol and guilt.

And while he has no idea where to look for the Plague of Crows, the killer knows exactly where to find him.

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The Point by Gerard Brennan

by Gerard Brennan

Paul Morgan is a bad influence on his brother, Brian.

When Paul crosses one thug too many, the cider-fuelled duo flee Belfast for Warrenpoint, the sleepy seaside resort of their childhood memories.

For Brian a new life in The Point means going straight and falling in love with Rachel while Paul graduates from carjacking by unusual means to low-level racketeering. Brian can’t help being dragged into his brother’s bungling schemes, but Rachel can be violently persuasive herself…

And she isn’t the only one who wants to see an end to Paul’s criminal career.

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